Friday 20 October at 18:00 until Sunday 22 October 16:00

              This event has now concluded...  we all had a great time!

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Welcome to the first public Hackathon to be held in the IBM Waton IoT Center Munich, our new headquarters for our Internet of Things business unit.

IBM chose Munich as the location for this state-of-the-art facility due to its proximity to the heart of Germany's industrial might, where the potential for the technologies and commercial drivers underpinning the Internet of Things presents a huge opportunity for innovation and disruption that will revolutionize the industrial world in ways that we are only just beginning to realize... 

This hackathon event, supported by our friends at Texas Instruments, UnternehmerTUM and Provinzial Rheinland will be your personal opportunity in conjunction with your teammates, coupled with a large dose of fun and imagination, to apply your innovation and development prowess to the exciting and rapidly evolving 'Internet of Things'.  For the teams who impress the most against the challenges set, there will be an opportunity for the ideas and solutions developed to be showcased in the Watson IoT Munich Center, on display and demonstrable to the myriad of clients and companies that visit the center each week. And if you're willing to share more widely, the opportunity to turn your ideas into public 'code journeys' that will be accessible to developers on a global stage as exemplars of how to develop for the Internet of Things.

With IBM Bluemix and the Watson IoT Platform Services as the fundamental innovation platform for this event, our particular technology focus for the 'things' will be sub-GHz low-powered wide-area networks. And given the specific location of this event,  we are of course most interested in the innovative application of this technology to use-cases spanning the Industrial and Insurance sectors... and any combinations therein!  

We have plenty of room for twenty teams of 4 or 5 individuals so there will be lots of scope for sharing ideas and experiences, making new friends and expanding your own personal network of 'great people to know and follow'.  

Friday October 20th - 18:00 is arrival time with opening at 19:00 with a welcome, some introductions and a discussion on sub-Ghz low-power networks to get your thinking kick-started. We'll provide food and drink throughout the weekend and will aim to ensure you stay safe and alert by closing proceedings at midnight each night... for the really keen we'll be up and running again at 0800hrs  with the commitment to be judging at 1400hrs on the Sunday and to all be finished with group photos of the winning teams by 1600hrs on Sunday 22nd. And all of this with plenty of surprises and fun along the way...


Full details of Eligibility are in the Official Rules, and can be summarised as :- 

Participants must be over 18 years of age

And of course, you must be legally entitled to be in Munich, Germany for the event itself and to be able to openly collaborate in a public hackathon!

Hackathon Sponsors


Best overall use of the IBM Bluemix platform

Awarded to the team that best exploits the capabilities of the IBM Bluemix cloud platform to its fullest extent.

Texas Instruments Smart Buildings IoT Challenge

Smart Buildings - The Texas Instruments Smart Buildings IoT Challenge will award the winning team for the best use of low power WAN sensors in instrumented buildings and homes.

IBM Watson Industrial IoT Challenge

IIoT - The IBM Watson Industrial IoT Challenge will award the winning team for the best use of low power WAN sensors in industrial applications.

IBM Watson Insurance IoT Challenge

Insurance - The IBM Watson 'Insurance IoT' Challenge will award the winning team for the most innovative use of low power WAN sensors to reduce or assess insurance risks, protect assets and improve safety.

IBM Watson Data Science Experience Challenge

Analytics - The IBM Watson Data Science Experience Challenge will award the winning team for the best use of analytics to build algorithms, models and visualizations that derive insights from IoT data.

Most innovative use of Node-RED

Most innovative use of Node-RED in a project - Award to the team that creates a Node-RED flow or creates a Node-RED node that demonstrates the rich, innovative capabilities of Node-RED and the power of visual programming techniques.

Best Design

Awarded to the team with the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic design produced at the Code:IoT hackathon.

Most Technically Challenging Hack

Awarded to the team that tackled a grand challenge and technically difficult project.

Biggest Failure to Launch

Awarded to the team that had the misfortune of failing on stage during project demonstrations.

Best First Time Hack

Awarded to a first time hackathon team for unwavering commitment to creating a project that inspired them to continue on an innovation journey.

Peoples Choice Award

Awarded to the team that wins the public vote ... Sunday 1pm to 2pm.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

You can enrol through the links provided on this page :-

Specific instructions to register for IBM Bluemix and the Watson IoT Platform Services will be provided here shortly.


Greg Gorman

Greg Gorman
Director, IoT Developer Ecosystem, IBM.

Nick Lethaby

Nick Lethaby
IoT Ecosystem, Texas Instruments

Michael Stockerl

Michael Stockerl
Head of Software Engineering, UnternehmerTUM

Patric Fedlmeier

Patric Fedlmeier
Deputy CEO, Provinzial Rheinland AG

Christian Stammel

Christian Stammel
CEO, Innovation World Cup

Sherrie Thomas

Sherrie Thomas
Head of Watson IoT Center, IBM

Judging Criteria

  • Idea
    Creativity & Originality: Is it something new or a copy of something else? Releveance: Does it solve a real problem?
  • Technology
    Technology: How well does it integrate Watson and Bluemix capabilities?
  • Simplicity
    Simplicity: How elegantly does it solve the problem? Ease of Use: How intuitive is it to use?
  • Completeness
    Completeness: How well did the project meet its own objectives? How well formed is it to take forwards?
  • Presentation
    Presentation: How well did the team present?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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